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Learning is movement from moment to moment

(Jiddu Krishnamurti)

I'm always trying to learn new things! Here are some of my current or recent projects.

Covid Texting Service

Texting service that provide basic statistics and question-answering functionality about COVID-19.

Originally built for those without Internet access to get information about the pandemic.

Currently working with nonprofit Silicon Harlem in NYC to get the service in the hands of people in need.

Demo: Text 1NYC to 313131

Link to code

Joseon Munkwa Project

Analyze Korean aristocratic historical figures and civil service officials and perform disambiguation on historical records.

I am working as a research assistant with the Big Data Studies Lab at Seoul National University.

Link to code

Virtual Coffeeshop

Virtual coffeeshop experience for those of us stuck at home during stay-at-home and seeking the vibe and comradeship of a cafe.


Link to code

Music Factorization

Factorize a scale into parts that can be understood using combinations of 'symmetric' scales.

Link to code

Which White Male?

Determine which male white writer from the 19/20th century your writing most resembles using basic NLP models.

Link to code

Spam Classifier

Simple image classifier built using fastai.