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Learning is movement from moment to moment

(Jiddu Krishnamurti)

I'm always trying to learn new things! Here are some of my current or recent projects.

Tuning In: COVID-19 Vaccine Discourse on Public Radio in South Africa and Nigeria


Evaluated COVID-19 vaccine discourse on public radio streams from South Africa and Nigeria using temporal word embeddings. Master's Thesis with the Oxford Internet Institute and UNGP.

Memes in the Wild: Assessing the Generalizability of the Hateful Memes Challenge Dataset


Evaluated Facebook's Hateful Meme Challenge by comparing Facebook's carefully synthesized dataset with a collection of 'memes in the wild' gathered from Pinterest.

How True is GPT-2? An Empirical Analysis of Intersectional Occupational Biases

bias in AI

Probed GPT-2 with prefix templates related to gender and occupation to evaluate biases in its predictions, which were compared wtih ground-truth US labor data.

The Effect of Government Type on COVID-19 Restrictions

data wrangling
text cleaning

Examined the relationship between government response to COVID-19 and country’s level of democracy and ask whether the regime type of a government has an impact on that government’s response.

Covid Texting Service

full-stack development

Created texting service for answering questions related to the pandemic and providing COVID-19 statistics to those without access to Internet. This is a working project with Silicon Harlem in NYC to get the service in the hands of people in need.

Demo: Text 1NYC to 313131

Data Surveillance and Biocitizenship in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Digital Contact-tracing in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan

topic modeling
text cleaning

Analyzed the privacy implications of digital contact tracing in East Asian countries during the COVID-19 pandemic through topic modeling and semantic network analysis of news media. Analysis conducted across 6 countries and 3 languages (Korean, English, Chinese).

Big Data as Historical Archive: The Challenges of Preserving Today’s Digital Artifacts

big data studies
digital history
digital humanities

Examined the greatest challenges for long-term preservation of big data, challenges which differ from the preservation of mostly static, smaller-scale digital material which had concerned archivists in the past.

Joseon Munkwa Project

digital history
digital humanities

Conducted named-entity recognition and disambiguation on historical figures from Korean Joseon-Dynasty civil service roster data.

Virtual Coffeeshop

full-stack development

Created virtual coffeeshop experience for those of us stuck at home during stay-at-home and seeking the vibe and comradeship of a cafe.

Music Factorization

music theory

Factorized a scale into parts that can be understood using combinations of 'symmetric' scales. An exercise in breaking down all scales into a combination of whole tone scales.