Girl, Woman, Other

AuthorBernadine Evaristo
FinishedNovember 25, 2021
Rating4.5 / 5

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Loved this book. It is a series of loosely connected short stories, each one following a different black woman in Britain. First of all, I loved that it was in the UK and I could understand a lot of the different cultural references (class struggles, areas in London, the Oxford elitism). Second of all, I enjoyed the writing style - it was a bit flowy, state-of-consciousy, poetic; I liked that it lacked structure and often capitalization and that sort of form. It really made it feel like I was inside the lives of all of the characters, right inside the thought waves that also lack capitalization and punctuation. However, I did not get lost, it was the right amount of formlessness.

Third of all, I enjoyed the stories. Each character saw so much growth, and I liked how the lives of these black women were all somehow intertwined. It was people from different backgrounds, ages, levels of blackness, immigrant or not, money, education, outlook on life... I loved all of the stories. The immigrant stories were poignant as you may expect. There were trans women, there were adopted women, there were hurt and resilient women who fucking got shit done. Somehow the one that sticks out the most for me is the story of LaTisha, the grocery store supervisor who ended up with a lot of children, but who is busting her ass to make it work.

Overall, such a beautiful book with such beautiful writing and beautiful stories.