Everything Here Is Beautiful

AuthorMira T. Lee
FinishedJune 12, 2019
Rating4.5 / 5

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Stunningly written. This book really resonated with me. Lee pieced together so many different cultures and ideas in such a beautiful way. Her language was so well crafted and there was so much nuance to her story. Word pictures everywhere!!

The story resonated especially to me in many different ways. I thought the story itself was a macrocosm of New York City, and of the ideas representing one interpretation of the American Dream and the Melting Pot. People of so many diverse backgrounds came together and had relationships, and no matter where you came from or what you did, people kept creating stories. The frustration of Miranda as the older sister in trying to craft a perfect life as well as the wanderlust of Lucia both resonated deeply with me, as did the vibrant mixture of cultures present in both of their lives.

Usually I don't like stories that jump too many perspectives, but I thought Lee did an excellent job not only jumping from one character's POV to another's, but also changing view as well (third and first person). Lucia's story told from first person felt very organic, as did Yonah's story. Miranda's story was told from third person, which helped craft her into her more straight-laced role.

I also liked how Lee wasn't tempted into overly dramatic flairs or into the traps of cliches. The flow of the story felt very natural, and the language itself was very beautiful.