The Dispossessed

AuthorUrsula K. LeGuin
FinishedApril 14, 2022
Rating4.9 / 5

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I think this is one of my favorite books I have read so far this year. It was such a well written and self contained entity. I have literally nothing to complain about for this book. The characters were all very well formed and distinct. I felt like I followed Shevek around and got to know him his entire life. The organization of the book was well done — I enjoyed following the two plot lines from different times for the same man and seeing them converge at the end. The science was super cool - the theoretical physics and the alien life forms. The societal commentary was off the roof - about capitalism and social anarchism and decentralization and individuality and social conscience. The painting of the two countries (esp A-IO) was so compelling and believable and well done. In some ways it felt like LeGuin was following some formula, so well did everything seem to fit with each other. The plot was interesting and easy to follow but still unpredictable. The book and its ideas were accessible and far from obstruse, as many books set in other worlds may be. This was just well thought out and well written.